Week Three: Rehabilitation

We began week three by disassembling the three disposable cameras we had previously purchased on Friday. The plastic cameras ended up being much harder to take apart than we had originally anticipated, so by the end, they were completely destroyed. Next, we carefully extracted the circuit board from the rest of the camera.

When we started examining it, we were very entertained. We realized circuit boards are pretty confusing to figure out. It didn’t help either that the cameras we bought had different circuit boards. Two of them had smaller capacitors than the other one, and we’re still slightly worried that that factor might affect something.

Deciding to leave the capacitors and circuit board technology for later, we just began to gather the other materials that the video instructed us to use.

The small metal tube was the first thing we found which we ended up just sawing off of an old bunsen burner because we couldn’t find anything else to use. This tube was 6 cm long. We then took coated copper wire and coiled it around the tube multiple times. After each row of wire, we hot glued it down so it would stay in place. Eventually, we ended with coating the last layer of wire with hot glue to insulate it.

The next thing we moved on to was working on the circuit board. First, we took off the capacitors which was actually pretty amusing. We did this by soldering where the capacitor was connected to the board. Because of the charge still built up in the capacitors, they would pop randomly, giving us a slight scare. ¬†Another thing we took off of the boards was the flash box. We didn’t need it anymore, so we decided to just get it out of our way.

This is what our circuit board looked like at the end of week 3, without the capacitor and flash box.


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