Work in Progress (Week 4)

At this point we needed to make two holes in the metal for the pipe to fit into, to stable it. What we didn’t realize is how hard that would actually be. The metal was malleable.

First we thought it was a good idea to uses a screwdriver and a hammer. If we placed the screwdriver over the area we wanted the hole and hammered the top of it, we could make a dent. However, it ended up just bending the metal each time we hit it. Which wasn’t helping.

 Our next idea was to use the drill, to drill it into the metal. After a long time, we finally made somewhat of a hole. After we made the small hole, it was easier to go back through with the drill to perfect the hole.


We soon realized we would have the honor of doing the process all over again because both sides needed a hole! From the end to the first hole it was three centimeters, so we measured the other side and did the same steps.


Once we had our perfect hole, we had to make sure the pipe (with the copper now wrapped around it) fit into both sides and into both holes. Which luckily, it did fit!




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