Week Five and Six: Gettin’ to the Hard Stuff

Week five began with us going to the store to purchase a laser for our project. The laser is going to be placed right next to the end of the tube for aiming purposes. To acquire this laser, we simply ventured to the cat toy isle and bought one of those small mouse lasers. We then took it apart to get the single laser out of it. It was quite difficult to take apart. We had to peel apart the plastic with screwdrivers and then saw off the end of one side of the plastic with a saw so the contraption was smaller.

Next, we had to move on to working on the capacitors and understanding all of the circuitry. We found a more in depth video of how to construct the correct circuit, but some areas were still a little hard to understand.

We began working on the circuit by taking off the unnecessary parts like the video instructed, and soldering together the three capacitors. To do this, we picked up a soldering iron and some solder (a coil of metal with a very low melting point) to join the three capacitors together and two wires. At first, we were trying to connect the wires in one way, but realized it would cut short the circuit, so we adjusted the way we were soldering them together. So instead of putting the capacitors all in one small, connected circle, we had to only connect them together in one straight line without the other two wires touching. We would let the metal drip down on to the ends of the capacitors and then further melt it so it would settle and securely connect the wires. img_0057

Then we moved on to week six. Week six was basically just full of us working on updating blogs so we could show all of you lovely people exactly what we’ve been doing for the past many weeks.


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