Week 7: Decision Time

At the beginning of this project, we were really excited to begin the process of making this mock Spiderman web shooter. However, when we really saw all that this project required us to do, our excitement level dropped slightly. This project involved understanding how to do things that were more complicated than they looked (like circuitry) and it intimidated us. After getting through the easy stuff like gathering the materials and putting together the simple things, our project came to a stand still when we had to try to understand the circuits. It was actually kind of depressing. So, after careful consideration, we decided to move on to a different project. We came up with a new idea that we are really excited about and requires little to no circuitry. This new project seems much more possible to complete and thoroughly understand than these web shooters. We are sad to leave, but we both think it’d be best to move on to something we will really be able to grasp the concept of and understand the physics to. So goodbye to the Spiderman web shooters and hello to water vortexes! Check out our new website for our blogs!



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